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There are few companies in the betting industry that are the pioneers of online betting platforms. The advantage of these companies is that they have accumulated great experience and knowledge. Often these companies are the first to adapt to changes in technology, which means that they can provide better quality service than their competitors.

One such company is, which has been around since 1997. have designed some of the most powerful Pay-per-head platforms and infrastructures. Thanks to the services of these companies, bookies can grow their betting operations. With a large clientele, provides bookmakers with a variety of advantages that allow them to stay on top of their game.

Why is a great choice for bookies?

PayPerHead is one of the oldest online bookie software providers. After designing software that will allow bookies to organize their work and simply streamline their operations, PayPerHead has been able to carve out a lucrative niche in the market. With their easy-to-use interface, PayPerHead offers two types of plans to meet the needs for anyone operating a wagering business. One’s business can be operated on a live or offline basis, depending on the capabilities.

The team at has the backing of 15,000 agents who are currently using their proprietary software and with over 75,000 satisfied players. With an increasing number of agents joining the ranks every day, PayPerHead is poised to become one of best sites for people who want to make money from offering odds.

What offers?

In the age of the internet, many have turned to online gambling as a means of entertainment. is a service that accommodates these people by providing a platform where bookies can easily manage games for players without being overwhelmed or overworked.

The pay-per-head industry has been growing exponentially over the past decade, with changing technologies making it easier for sports fans to follow their favorite teams more closely. is one of the leading providers of software that provides access to over 80 sports to suit any player’s tastes, including in-game and props betting. They also have premium and 3D digital casino games, along with live dealers. Paying per head has never been so convenient!

The technology that has patented is something new and innovative. With prop bets and parlays available, it will allow players to get in on the action just minutes before kickoff. True Wager technology will allow your players to place wagers pre- or in-game. For instance, bettors can place one bet on the winner of the game, plus another wager on who will score first.

PayPerHead is an online company that creates an infrastructure for bookies of any size, which includes everything they need to get started. They offer options for website building, customer management, and sportsbook integration. PayPer Head also provides oddsmakers, customer service personnel, and operating specialists in order to serve all their customers’ needs.

The team has a long history in the industry, and they have found a way to provide quality service with high profits.