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There are many different pay per head online betting platform providers out there, all claiming to be the best, but how do you separate the wheat from the chaf to see which is the best for you? Not all providers are created equally and for your business to be a success, it is imperative you get a per head partner you can trust. When looking at different providers and the services they offer, Bookie Helper really stands out. Let’s take a deep dive to understand what sets them apart and why you should consider them for your pay per head sports betting site.

The model

Bookie Helper provide a pay per head model which means there are zero fees for setting up or managing the platform, unless you opt for a custom build site. Their standard site is completely free and then you pay a fee starting from just $5 per active player per week. This means that if you have 100 players and only 70 are active one week, you only pay for them. This allows bookies to manage out of season and not be pressured into paying for players that are not bringing in revenue.

Everything else that Bookie Helper offer, except for the custom website and live dealer games, is included within that fee. That means bookies know exactly how much they need to pay out and they can scale their business up and down without having to invest, or risk losing significant chunks of money. For modern bookies wanting to make money, this is the best bet.

What you get

When you sign up with Bookie Helper, you don’t just get a per head platform, you get a full package of all the tools you need to be successful.

  • Sports betting bookie software, designed by professionals, that allows players to bet on all leading sporting events in real-time and online.
  • Virtual casino games including slots, card games, table games, and live dealer (at an extra cost). This is a great way to bring in additional revenue while also bolstering customer loyalty and reducing the risk of you losing them to a competitor.
  • Racebook software allows you to offer betting on all the world’s leading horse racing events, again increasing loyalty and revenue.
  • Mobile bookie software allows you to manage agents, players, and all bets from your mobile, wherever you are.
  • Prop building gives you the ability to build props how you want and remain in total control at all time.
  • Dynamic live betting allows bookies to keep up with player demands, no matter how fast-paced the sport.
  • Toll-free customer service is a standard and also includes social media channels, chat via the website and email. The service is offered in multiple languages, including Chinese, English, and Spanish.
  • A flexible financial model allows bookies to remain in total control at all times with no percentages of profits payable.
  • Bookie Helper gives control to the bookie in terms of payments, with all such matters being managed outside the app, allowing control, privacy, and security.
  • Almost everything on the platform can be customised and controlled by the bookie. Limit, incentives, exclusions, permissions, odds, and bets can all be overseen by the bookie and changed as per their wishes. Bookie Helper remains on hand to provide advice and guidance if and when required.

Costs and how to get started

Prices start from just $5 per active client per week, and the website is free. If you want a custom-designed site created by the Bookie Helper team, this can be done at a small additional cost. The idea is you top up your account periodically with enough funds to cover a few weeks of operation, and Bookie Helper will remind you when your deposits are getting low.

To get started, you just navigate to their site and fill in the short form with how many players you anticipate and what services you want to offer. A member of their team will contact you quickly afterwards and you can be up and running in a matter of moments.